Fam Islands (Pianemo). Célebes

Raja Ampat (Célebes)

A day trip to Fam Islands is one that leaves everyone speechless and a must do when you are at Biodiversity. These isalnds sit and cover an area of over 700sq km of the Pacific Ocean. 

The journey starts at 8:00am on our Jetty where you are briefed about the days excursion. The boat ride is a 1hr 45 minutes journey to your first dive site Melissa's Garden. Melissa's Garden is mother natures way fo showing us how Gardening should be done.Patches of hard corals create a diverse splash of colours thst initsefl seems to contain all life out here! Wobbegong sharks, Crocodile fish and centuries old Giant Tridacna Clams intermingle with the ubiquitous schools of fusiliers, anthias, damsels amoung many other. 

Your surface interval will be at a spot which will remind you of biodiversity for the array of birds and monitor lizzrds that can be spotted. 

Your second dive is at Fam Slope. Fam Slope will mesmorize you for its astonishing biomass of marine life which withstand and quite possible revel in the current that brings in rich sources of food to all species. This site offers macro & micro marine life. Sometimes you are lucky enough to see an Oceanic Manta drift by.

Lunch is served at a tranquil spot between mangrove trees while you walk around counting the many Blacktip shark pups which cruize arround. You will also encounter Archer fish as they shoot water from the mangrove into the trees in an attempt to catch food.

Your day will then be completed by a walk up to the Fam island View point, from which you can see the beautiful karst cliffs. This spot is perfect for your end of day pictures. After this it is back into the boat and back to the resort. You reach the resort by 17:00pm.